About wort-und-satz.de

wort-und-satz.de is the web home of Christian Wöhrl, designer and journalist. (The domain name is a little pun with wort meaning word and satz meaning sentence but also typesetting, page layout.)

As this is my private site you'll find things I'm interested in: on the “word” side that mostly means informative texts on photography but also a couple of essays on ecological topics. I haven't translated these texts yet but if you have any questions concerning technical or other aspects of my work (or for any comment on this site), don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail.

If you don't speak a little German you might be more interested in the second part of this web site: the photo galleries which should speak for themselves.

I included one gallery that comes with English background information, which is my first-ever web site, Shades of Grey. That one is completely “hand crafted”, without the aid of an html editor. In this gallery, you'll move from one image to the next by clicking on any part of the current image. In all the other galleries you can move forward and backward by clicking on the right or left part of any image, respectively.

A small part of the informations at this site require the free Acrobat Reader by Adobe:

The site should work fine with standard browsers from versions 4 onward. You don't need to activate JavaScript although it makes the navigation frame a lot nicer …

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Please respect the Creative Commons licensing for the contents of this site.

But most of all, enjoy the site!

Christian Wöhrl